We are happy to hire to weddings, parties, functions, events, conferences, films and theatre productions, and have been doing this for nearly thirty years.

From James Bond and Harry Potter to Woman’s Institute tea parties down the road, we can fix you up.

Chapel chair hire: we nearly always have several hundred in stock and rent these out at £5 + VAT per chair per week.

Nearly everything else we hire out at 20% of the sale price – half of what some of our competitors are charging. This would be for any period up to one week long. Longer periods can be arranged, probably going up to a maximum of 35% of the sale value.

Pew hirepews are more expensive to hire and sometimes, if it is a long hire, buying them outright might be a cheaper option – we can do buybacks if you change your mind later!

The reason pew hire is expensive – think about £100 – £150 + VAT per pew – is that we have to make them up to your specification which is quite a lot of carpentry, and then afterwards dismantle them. They take up too much room otherwise. Another factor is that if you want 20 pews at 1.5 meters long, this means we won’t be able to sell any to customers who want them at say, 1.8 meters long.

The good news is, if you are happy to hire our sample, ready-to-go pews, then you are back to 20% hire costs.

We do have a minimum hire charge of £10 per item. This covers our time processing the paperwork, website, adding back to stock, etcetera!  Apart from chapel chairs, the magic exception!

So, there you have it. We can sort out delivery / collection. You can visit anytime we are open or do it over the phone / computer.  20% VAT goes on top.  Anything is possible!


  1. For any items returned damaged the hirer must pay the repair costs.
  2. For any unreturned items the hirer must pay the full retail price minus any previous hire charge. 
  3. For any exteneded hire period or late return we reserve the right to charge the hirer at a pro rata rate. 
  4. We sometimes ask for a 100% deposit if this is a first-time hire. Film and TV sets must provide a PO before any items may leave our possession.
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